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Sound Voltex Aluminium Knob for Yuancon / DIY

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Requires a 2mm hex wrench for installation. The screws are smaller than the knobs on yuancon!

These Knobs are designed and manufactured over at SpeedyLabs and distributed by BlueSpringExpress!

Intended to be used with SDVX controllers, Yuancon or DIY.  These knobs feature the same facet texture as an arcade knob, have a deep hole to ensure compatibility with any length of encoder, and are a must-have for any player looking to perfect the arcade feel at home!

These are compatible with anything that has a 6mm shaft – arcade cabinets as well, but there is no flange to stop anyone from removing the knob from the cabinet after the set screws are loosened.  For a version with a flange designed for Gamo2 and arcades, see the Arcade Knob.

30mm diameter and 25mm height.

Compatibility Tests:

  • Yuancon SDVX RGB 2019 (Small RGB light bars) – Compatible [plastic spacer not needed]
  • Yuancon SDVX Gen 12 – Compatible [plastic spacer not needed]
  • Virgoo Turbocharger – Compatible

Includes: 1 Knob with 2 M4 Setscrews

Customer Reviews

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Great replacement for the stock Yuancon knobs!

I purchased this as the threading for my Yuancon knobs did not allow me to screw them back on, so I decided to replace them with these. Much higher quality than the original knobs but have to deduct points for having two screws since it made installation a little bit harder than usual. Definitely recommend!