Arcade Cabinet Import (AUS ONLY)



Orders are currently closed, but please message any interest or wish lists (Either through Discord, Email or this website). The next container will commence planning as soon as the current one lands in Australia, and all cabinets are sent out to their new owners.


The Current container is sailing towards Australia, with an arrival time of Mid October! The following cabinets are still available. A 100% upfront payment will be required for reservation.

Sound Voltex - $4400
Reflec Beat - $2600
Jubeat - $3300
Beatmania IIDX - SOLD :3
Nostalgia - SOLD ^^
Pop'n Music (Orange) - SOLD c:
Project Diva Arcade Future Tone - SOLD :)


To see photos please click HERE (Note: Nostalgia has no photo yet) - these are the exact cabinets that are up for grabs (With the exception of the unsold Diva, however quality will be the same) 

Sound Voltex, Jubeat and Reflec Beat include a 220v transformer. You can arrange your own collection from the warehouse or we can organise it for you at an additional cost. (Average cost for a machine from Sydney to Melbourne is expected to be $200, but this is not a formal quote, just a ball park figure.)

Please contact through any of the following methods for more information.
Email -
Discord - Nitram_dx