Arcade Cabinet Import (AUS ONLY)

Blue Spring Express's first container import in 2023 was a success, so we're doing a part two! Check out some photos from our first container HERE!

This time, we are doing two containers simultaneously with 2 different suppliers, which gives us vastly more options and pricing flexibility. The current plan is that both of these leave Japan around the middle of 2024. Please read the below guidelines and our prices at the bottom. 

1. Machines are mostly as-is. While I act with transparency and integrity every time, the simple fact is some of these machines are 20 years old, they are far from new. Your CRT/LCD may have minor burn, there may be scuff marks etc. What we CAN promise is that whatever we sell to you, will work, and any major defects will be pointed out to you. All machines are tested for basic operation upon arrival in Aus (Monitor, Sound, IO, Lights) to confirm standards are met. If we become aware of a major defect AFTER you pay, we will refund what you've paid.
2. Listings marked with a * indicate one, or more of the EXACT cabinet being sold. Listings with ** are displaying a machine of equal condition to what I'm selling, but not the exact machine. Please also assume that any art work in ANY photo may not be present on arrival. We almost always have art to include, but just take it as a bonus.
3. Candy cabs of all types do not include a PCB / Taito PC unless specified. This can be added on separately.

4. 30% of the Purchase price as shown on your invoice is required upfront to secure your machine(s) of choice. The remainder must be paid anytime PRIOR to machines arriving in Australia. You may incur additional fees if the balance is not paid on time. We accept only Pay ID / Bank Transfer. If a container contains multiple machines of the kind you ordered, those who pay in full first will have first-pick. 

5. Excluding exceptional circumstances, if you need to cancel your order after paying your deposit, your deposit will be forfeited. However, any amount paid over the deposit amount will be returned. If you need to cancel but can transfer your order to someone else, your deposit will be returned. 
6. All online-only machines on this list are not suitable to be operated in a public venue with an existing connection to Sega / Konami. You should know how to operate these machines without an official connection, and if not, we can point you in the right place. Please do your research and make sure you understand this before purchasing.

7. Note with candy cabs, you are unlikely to be able to choose your desired control panel, you can request a particular type but be aware it may not be actioned. For Viewlix cab IOs, please ask.

8. All cabinets unless otherwise specified are 110v, and will need an external transformer. We can point you in the right direction for this, but you will be ultimately responsible for sourcing one. We will help you determine the specs required.

9. The Below prices include the cabinet itself, shipping from Japan to our warehouse, and any relevant taxes. Domestic shipping will cost extra, and will be billed separately. We can give a freight estimate based on experience at the time of order. If a machine on the list is marked as "Interest only" - there is currently no set price, or none available, but it is likely to be found.

• Beatmania IIDX - Capable of running up to IIDX 30, plenty of community support to run newer versions and “lightning” features - $5000AUD
• Sound Voltex - Current cabs, plenty of guides to upgrade them to be more "Valk-like" - $3500AUD~ (ESTIMATE ONLY PLEASE ASK)
• Jubeat (220v) - Current hardware, great network support. - $3200AUD
  Wacca* - Can run offline, but also has external network support. - $5600AUD
• Nostalgia - Current hardware, great network support - $3400AUD
• Project Diva** - Current hardware, great network support - $2900AUD
• Reflec Beat - (Already in Sydney) Current hardware, great network support. Includes transformer - $2600AUD
• Maimai Finale - Can run offline, solid network support - $5500AUD~ (ESTIMATE ONLY PLEASE ASK)
• Chunithm* - Solid network support, probably won't include dongles. $4300AUD
• ONGEKI - Solid network support, probably won't include dongles. INTEREST ONLY (Expect over 10k)
• Pop'n Music CRT cab - Current hardware, great network support. INTEREST ONLY (roughly 3k)
• Groove Coaster. INTEREST ONLY (roughly 3-4k)
• GITADORA (Drum and or guitar). INTEREST ONLY (Price is erratic)
• Dance Evolution. INTEREST ONLY (Roughly 3-4k)
• Cross beats. INTEREST ONLY (Roughly 3-4k)
• Any older, offline, CRT Taiko (5-6k minimum)
• Museca. INTEREST ONLY (5k minimum)


Blast City 220v* - $2800AUD
• Viewlix C* - $2400AUD (crap Monitor)
• Viewlix F - $2700AUD
• Viewlix Diamond Orange - $5100AUD
• Viewlix Diamond Black - $5100AUD
Viewlix DIamond - $4400AUD
The Bishi Bashi* - $6500AUD
• Grigio - $2800AUD
• Lindburgh - $2000AUD
• Noir - $2000AUD
• Noir HD - $2500AUD
• All net Multi 3 (Pras3)** - INTEREST ONLY (Roughly $3000AUD, includes ALLS, expect no dongles)
• Any older SEGA CRT cabs (Astro, NNC, NAC etc) INTEREST ONLY
• Taito 43cm Stools - $225 + Aus post cost. Available immediately.
• Taito Benches - $680 + domestic freight (pickup available)

Shooting, racing and other games are sometimes available. Expect most of them to cost a fair bit, but feel free to ask about anything not listed!
for enquires please contact me on either of the below platforms:

Discord: @Nitram_DX


Most DDR cabinets
IIDX Lightning Model
SDVX Valkyrie Model
MaiMai DX
Chunithm Gold
Egret II
Dance Rush
Taiko Nijiiro

If I had a dollar every time someone asked for one of these with no intention of buying, I could afford a fraction of an Egret II.