About Us

Hey there! I'm Nitram, rhythm game player 10 years+ and of course, the owner of Blue Spring Express.

The idea for this store started small, with the simple goal of making great quality arcade parts more accessible to anyone that wants them, for their home controller, machine or local arcade. When I started playing and learning about upgrades myself, the only way to get these parts was by using proxy services to access Japanese websites, and purchase from there, which of course came with a tonne of hidden costs and fees, not to mention the extra time needed and overall headache. After going through this process myself one too many times, the idea of starting my own store sprung to life!

What started as something simple, just switches, springs and Sanwa buttons from Japan quickly snow balled into stocking parts made by our community, and numerous other brands, making Blue Spring Express the premier one-stop-shop for rhythm game arcade parts worldwide.

And thanks to all the support, we've been able to expand to start importing arcade games from Japan and also lease out our own machines to events within Australia.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our parts, with the philosophy of "If we won't play on them, we won't sell them!" always ringing true, as well as the quality of our service. When looking at upgrades, parts or arcade cabinets, it's so important you talk to someone with experience in all aspects, and here, you truly couldn't be in safer hands.


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