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Sound Voltex Sanwa Button Set (OBSA-60UK & OBSA-45UK)

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The Best push buttons money can buy for your Sound Voltex setup. These Sanwas are the newer model, which are found in Valkyrie Model Machines. They are an essential upgrade to those passing difficult charts, frequent players, or more casual gamers looking to enrich their experience.

They have a crisp feel and sharper sound with each press. You will instantly notice the world of difference if you are upgrading from the default buttons that shipped with your controller.

Sanwa buttons are known for their quality and being extremely durable, these are a onetime purchase, you’ll never need to change them again.


Additional Info:

Colours: Non Default colours are not always in stock and can take up to 3 Weeks to deliver. Feel free to ask at any time about our current stock level!

Springs & Switches: Not included with this product. Use your own or purchase separately. Make sure to ONLY USE SANWA Springs. Other brands may not be suitable and can cause sticking!

Lamp Holders: This is the white piece that holds the Lamp and standard Micro Switch (Far right, picture 2). If you plan to use only LHS1F Switches (Either for your cabinet or home controller) or if you have old Sanwa Lamp Holders to re-use, These are not required. If You plan to ever use other micro switches you will need the Sanwa Lamp holders. Please note other brands of lamp holders WILL NOT FIT. 

Please view our product guide for further information

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Cooper Nichols
Wouldnt look anywhere else

The seller had good and clear communication for what i needed for my setup and shipped very fast. Its good seeing rhythm game arcade stuff in australia

Great stuff

Really nice buttons, combined with some new switches the game is far more enjoyable to play and feels great.

Great Sanwa Buttons!

Most certainly a definite upgrade compared to Chinese or DJ Dao buttons. They feel and sound great, to the point it's easier for me to time and hit certain patterns. Chinese buttons usually feel mushy or not "stable" enough but these Sanwas have really good quality, you can feel it by just touching them. Great customer support from Nitram as well, highly recommended!

Excellent Sanwa Buttons

A direct upgrade from stock buttons in terms of looks and feel, not as shaky as stock buttons.
Button rebounce feels way cleaner when performing dense gameplay. Definitely an upgrade in playing experience.

Great SDVX Buttons

Genuine Sanwa buttons, works great with my FauceTwo, my inputs are so much clearer to hear after upgrading which makes it easier to fix playing errors, nothing else to say really! Decent shipping speed, overall great purchase!