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Sound Voltex Aluminium Knob for GAMO2 and Arcade

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Requires a 2mm hex wrench for installation.

These Knobs are designed and manufactured over at SpeedyLabs and distributed by BlueSpringExpress! 

Intended to be a drop in replacement for SDVX Arcade cabinets. These knobs have minor modifications compared to Konami originals, including a deeper shaft hole and a larger cutout in the base for SVSE5 compatibility as well.

30mm diameter and 29mm height.  34mm diameter with the flange.

Compatibility Tests:

  • SDVX Arcade Booth – Compatible [see notes below]
  • SVSE5 (Copals) – Compatible
  • SVRE9 – Compatible
  • FAUCETWO – Compatible [raising knob by 2.5mm above spacer is recommended]

SDVX Arcade Booth Compatibility Notes:

  • Konami’s own knob and shaft tolerances vary quite a bit.  Additionally, the knob assembly shaft is often marred by the knob’s setscrews causing deformations in the metal.
  • According to my testing, the knob fit depends on how marred/damaged the shaft is by the setscrews.  Some assemblies will fit the knob no problem, and some may get stuck on where the setscrew contacted the shaft.
  • If the latter happens, this is an extremely quick fix: grab 1000 grit sandpaper and wrap it around the shaft where the knob would cover.  Move the sandpaper up and down the shaft while pinching the sandpaper for 2-5 minutes depending on the condition of the shaft.  This will smooth out the imperfections without reducing the shaft diameter due to the high sandpaper grit.

Includes: 1 Knob with 2 M4x8 Setscrews

Customer Reviews

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Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak
Mohammad Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak

my Faucetwo knobs were a mess after some time and this is a great replacement.

Mattie Berry
Excellent Quality, reasonably good backorder experience.

The Knobs are just like actual arcade knobs. They have a little trouble fitting on the shafts as mentioned in the description. I backordered these earlier in the year but even though they were delayed multiple times the seller shipped me them as soon as he received them and shipping was super quick for international.