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100g Omron Switch V-10-1A4

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1x unit

The 100g Omron Switch is extremely durable and particularly ideal for Sound Voltex controllers. It provides a feel and feedback very close to arcade accurate at a much lower cost. Best Paired with 20g or 40g springs for SDVX Controllers.

Also highly recommended for Pop'n music players!

Customer Reviews

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Shipping was very quick and these switches have made a huge difference to the feel of my Yuancon SDVX White2 controller. The 50g switches that came stock were way too light and I'd highly recommend switching these out.

Great for SDVX enthusiasts, recommended with 20g springs

Since owning my Faucetwo, I've been with the 50g/60g configuration and ever since switching to 100g/20g it feels much more precise and not as mushy. It feels as if I were playing on a Valkryie cabinet!

kirill khodan
Why you need these switches.

*-* I love the switches, you must! buy them all. awesome customer service and amazing delivery times -v- , i will but a lot more in the future, I recently installed these in my yuancon and love them so so so much! they feel so clean and fresh and looked very clean once receiving them. My accuracy improved once installing these switches and they were very easy to install, simply as clicking them in! so smooth and so nice >~< these switches will change your game! They are so satisfying to click and once using them, THERE IS NO GOING BACK! owo

Brendan OSullivan

I'm an old fashioned IIDX player that prefers playing on a 100/100 setup. I recently ordered sets of 100g springs and switches for my setup, and I'm thrilled to say not only did I receive everything as described, but the ordering process and shipping were fantastic. Highly recommend!