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Sound Voltex Sanwa Button Set (OBSA-60UK & OBSA-45UK)

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Currently out of stock until late May but can still be back-ordered. Please expect a short delay if you purchase this product. Please inquire for any stock updates!

The Best push buttons money can buy for your Sound Voltex setup. These Sanwas are the newer model, which are found in Valkyrie Model Machines. They are an essential upgrade to those passing difficult charts, frequent players, or more casual gamers looking to enrich their experience.

They have a crisp feel and sharper sound with each press. You will instantly notice the world of difference if you are upgrading from the default buttons that shipped with your controller.

Sanwa buttons are known for their quality and being extremely durable, these are a onetime purchase, you’ll never need to change them again.


Additional Info:

Springs & Switches: Not included with this product. Use your own or purchase separately. Make sure to ONLY USE SANWA Springs. Other brands may not be suitable and can cause sticking!

Lamp Holders: This is the white piece that holds the Lamp and standard Micro Switch (Far right, picture 2). If you plan to use only LHS1F Switches (Either for your cabinet or home controller) or if you have old Sanwa Lamp Holders to re-use, These are not required. If You plan to ever use other micro switches you will need the Sanwa Lamp holders. Please note other brands of lamp holders WILL NOT FIT. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Reinhardt Wiese

they tasted so good


they are of arcade quality and the best that you can find for the sound voltex game.
well worth my money spent and time using them

Jackson Roach
Highly recommended for intermediate/advanced players

I've been playing on these buttons (and accompanying switches) for a bit under a month now and while I had heard that the arcade accurate parts were a huge step up I wasn't expecting it to be so night and day. Almost immediately I noticed inputs were tighter, the buttons and switches rebounded quicker after each press making playing faster much easier, and even the sound of the buttons is more crisp with more of a click instead of a dull slap from the previous set I was using.

The button and switch upgrades are 100% worth your money, especially if you are like me where I had run into the infamous level 17s wall but found my skills plateauing and unable to break through. After upgrading I'm finding that I can focus on improving my accuracy and pattern recognition while having to struggle against my controller far less, the proper hardware makes a huge difference. In the month since I upgraded my controller my Volforce score has gone up from 17.6 to 18 which I am very happy with.

Erty desu
Very professional store! and buttons feels amazing

Shipping was very fast only 8 days to come to italy! I got these buttons to upgrade my yuancon lite 3, they are awesome! really recommended!

Fon B

amazing thank you