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SANWA Microswitch OBSA-LHS1F

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Sanwa's integrated micro switch, this switch is a stock part in Sound Voltex cabinets to give their buttons a unique and premium feel. They have an approximate weight of 100g.

Please note, this switch incorporates the lamp holder and micro switch into one unit and is only compatible with Sanwa buttons. The wiring is also different to a traditional micro switch and is only compatible with controllers with additional wiring

This is a brand new product, never used and factory fresh switch. Some listings for this product on other websites will give you a used and worn out switch. Beware.


Customer Reviews

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Andrew Moore
Good while they last

I bought a bunch more to have spares ready to go. Seems when these go bad, they're prone to misfiring in the sense that they trigger when you don't intend for them to, so this manifests as a lot of early nears and early errors. You might have to use the controller to play a different game that shows you judgements on individual buttons (e.g. Stepmania with Simply Love theme) in order to correctly identify which switch is the problematic one. The first switch I started having problems on after about 7 months of use, playing about 4-6 hours per week, on average.

Eric Barut
Works great with the same feeling of the valkyire model

Note you dont really need to buy the jst connectors as long as you know where it goes for your pcb. I just buy jumper wires for the arudino it fits well make sure you get the female to female for it