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Pop'n Music Sanwa Button, switch and spring set (OBSA-100UMQ)

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A full set of premium Sanwa buttons and switches for your Pop'n Music controller or arcade machine! The final upgrade for any setup, these buttons give a crisp sound when pressed, and sound far more clean than imitations on the market. If you want buttons that will last you a life time, look no further. 

The Bundle includes a spare switch in case any accident occurs as well as 2 bags of 100g springs, to keep your buttons feeling fresher for longer!

This bundle includes:

9 Sanwa OBSA-100UMQ buttons, Pop’n colours

9 400g Sanwa Springs

20 100g Sanwa Springs 

10 V-10-1A4 omron switches (100g) 

NOTE: New Pop'n Music buttons can suffer from sticking when they are new from the factory. If your new buttons stick while playing, try using the included 400g for a while until the buttons wear naturally or try home remedies such as lubrication or sanding at your own risk. After some light wear, 100g springs will work and feel flawless!

Customer Reviews

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Great service

The #1 source for these specialty buttons, packed perfectly and once they were in stock shipped and arrived quickly and without issue. Will keep an eye out on new stock for the future :)

Miguel Angel Jimenez Pardo
Remarkable customer service

We had a setback in the export (to Spain) but i was informed about the process at all times. The item has arrived and everything is perfect. I will buy here again.
Greetinbs to Martin ;)


For anyone curious about Sanwa buttons and Blue Spring Express, I bought the button set linked here. The package showed up today and I just finished installing everything. Without a doubt, this is my favorite purchase of the year.

All of the items were brand new, had plenty of protective packaging, and Nitram provided amazing support. I am a newbie when it comes to arcade maintenance operations. A few random events stumped me, such as stuck buttons and high pitched resonation. Nitram was there each step of the way and pulled me out of every hole that I fell into.

If you are considering an upgrade, hopefully my recommendation is enough to push your decision forward.

Thanks again, @Nitram. You rock!

Luis F.

Reasonable shipping time and excellent communication, and it's great knowing that the set comes with everything you need.I used these on my DJ Dao controller and had no issues other than some slight nudging when inserting the LED bulbs. Overall, I'm really happy with the quality! These buttons really do elevate play to feel closer to an arcade experience and get rid of the higher frequency resonant sounds that I had when playing with the stock buttons. Highly recommended for those who want a premium experience at home!

Easy and Worthy Upgrade

As a long time Pop'n Music player, I've been debating on getting sanwas after playing with samducks for 2 years. Aside from the price, the one thing stopping me from upgrading sooner was the hassle of going through a proxy service to order a set of sanwas. The moment I discovered bluespringexpress I knew it was the perfect opportunity to get my hands on these buttons! The ordering process is MUCH easier and hassle free! The owner of the website was very helpful and kept me updated with my order, as well as tips and advice on maintaining the buttons!
Now for the buttons themselves, they arrived with safe packaging and labeled straight from the factory. Because these buttons are brand new, you may experience some "sticking" for a while. Personally I haven't had any issues, even with me installing the 100g springs. These buttons feel very crisp and fantastic to play on, clearing 37-40 level songs has been a breeze! (My current skill level.) I've been told they'll feel even better after a month or so of play to break them in!
Side note for those with DJ Dao's controller, these do fit but they take some force and positioning to get them in right.
Overall I've had an amazing experience and definitely recommend upgrading and avoiding proxy sites, just get them from here!