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Beatmania IIDX Sanwa Button Set (OBSA-45UK)

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Currently out of stock until late May but can still be back-ordered. Please expect a short delay if you purchase this product. Please inquire for any stock updates!

7x IIDX Rectangle push buttons, your choice of colour (OBSA-45UK)

The Best push buttons money can buy for your beatmania IIDX setup. These premium buttons are the exact same as what you’ll find in the arcade. They are an essential upgrade to those passing difficult charts, frequent players, or more casual gamers looking to enrich their experience.

They have a crisp feel and sharper sound with each press. You will instantly notice the world of difference if you are upgrading from the default buttons that shipped with your controller.  Sanwa buttons are known for being extremely durable, these are a onetime purchase, you’ll never need to change them again.

Additional Info

Switches and Springs: Switches and Springs are not included with this product, you must use your own or buy separately. Our best recommendation is VX-01-1A3 Switches paired with 50g Springs, Which is the default Lightning Model setup.  Please visit our product guide for more information

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Upgraded from Dao buttons. My scores went up. Worth it.

Been playing since 7th style. Long hiatus since Lincle. Recently decided to get back into it. I have a Round 1 near me so was playing at the arcades but wanted something similar at home so got this. Literally 1:1 as arcade for look and feel.

I’m in SoCal. This package ships from AUS but came in less than a week. Was pleasantly surprised to find it packed so well and came pre installed. It was literally a plug and play switch with my Dao keys. Maybe took 10-15 min but I was unplugging and plugging after each key to make sure I was doing it right.

All my scores have been an improvement overall and has brought new life to my controller.

Buttons are a one time purchase. Was worth every penny.

Roberto Ayala
Totally Worth It

Very fast shipping. It took 15 calendar days from Australia to San Francisco. Upgraded my stock US store PWAN (along with an order of 50g Sanwa springs and Omron VX-01-1C23 switches) and while I am at most a lvl 10 player, I immediately felt the difference. Feels exactly like the lightning model cabs.

Amazing Service

I bought the whole upgrade package (these buttons, 50g springs, 50g switches), and not only did they arrive very quickly despite saying they would need extra time due to a lack of stock but they were also already partially set up for me which BSE went the extra distance to do. Thanks a billion for everything.

Chee Ying Tan
Must BUY upgrade

the shipping was extremely fast with express
the buttons are all intact and packed extremely well in the parcel

for both hardcore players or players who are interested in replicating arcade experience as close as possible, just get them. You won't regret one bit for the upgrade.

Cruz Calderon
IIDX Sanwa Button Set (OBSA-45UK)

Whew! What a nice set of buttons these are, Shipping speed may have you need some patience on but for it being from a different I'm not too surprised, faster then China/Japan that's for sure lol
Overall these buttons are exactly what the Arcade Spec buttons you see on LMs and even some up-to-date legacy cabs you'll see at your arcade, compared to Pwan+ and other 3rd party buttons, these feel remarkable as the feedback of the button is a lot more direct and with combination of the sanwa graded switches, they'll easily make your gameplay feel more responsive and 1:1 to the arcade.