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Beatmania IIDX turntable upgrade Ver. 2

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Version 1 Turntables were lighter, but were made of mount board and quite fragile,

Version 2 Turntables are slightly heavier than V1, but are significantly sturdier, and will take significant force to bend, warp or break, making installation and maintenance much easier!


A turntable set upgrade for any original chassis beatmania IIDX cabinet. Essential for running 120hz on either LDJ or TDJ versions (While using your bi2a firmware IO)*, and a game-changing upgrade for cabinets remaining on 60hz wishing to emulate the lightning model turntable feeling!

The turntable has double the teeth, slicing the dead zone in half and weighs significantly less than the original metal gear, giving it a much lighter and smoother spin.

The Sensor mounts and Turntable gears were designed and manufactured by Lain and are printed from resin and cut from FR4 (The stuff used to make PCBs) respectively. The designs of these are publicly available, but you would pay a similar price, if not more for a far worse quality print! 

This set includes 2 Turntable gears, 2 sensor mounts and appropriate screws and nuts for the setup. This product also comes with a 30 day warranty from day of delivery, as well as complimentary service should you have any trouble or questions.


*NOT required if you are using a bi2x firmware to run TDJ. If you don't know what firmware you're on, 99.9% chance this doesn't apply to you and you will need this mod. Any questions about this please ask!