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Too light for me

Purchased for use on IIDX. Switch provides no real audible or tactile feedback, makes timing difficult if you rely on that. Not quite for me. May be okay with a heavier spring.


Purchased for use on IIDX. Very little resistance on these springs, feels good with 50g switches for DP. May be a bit too light for my taste on SP. Perfect for my use case.


bro i love swtich

Wouldnt look anywhere else

The seller had good and clear communication for what i needed for my setup and shipped very fast. Its good seeing rhythm game arcade stuff in australia

Great stuff

Really nice buttons, combined with some new switches the game is far more enjoyable to play and feels great.

Works great with the same feeling of the valkyire model

Note you dont really need to buy the jst connectors as long as you know where it goes for your pcb. I just buy jumper wires for the arudino it fits well make sure you get the female to female for it

Great product

Perfect springs. Makes it easy to time with

Shipped very quick & made the long journey just fine.
The springs also fit DJDAO buttons on my SDVX controller just fine and feel way better than the stock ones.

Great Sanwa Buttons!

Most certainly a definite upgrade compared to Chinese or DJ Dao buttons. They feel and sound great, to the point it's easier for me to time and hit certain patterns. Chinese buttons usually feel mushy or not "stable" enough but these Sanwas have really good quality, you can feel it by just touching them. Great customer support from Nitram as well, highly recommended!

Great for SDVX enthusiasts, recommended with 20g springs

Since owning my Faucetwo, I've been with the 50g/60g configuration and ever since switching to 100g/20g it feels much more precise and not as mushy. It feels as if I were playing on a Valkryie cabinet!

Great springs, recommended with the 100g switches.

Makes it feel all nice and light, feeling every press. It was worth updating my controller to 100g/20g.

Best keys

Great quality. Makes my clicks sound so smooth. Leveled up game

Excellent Sanwa Buttons

A direct upgrade from stock buttons in terms of looks and feel, not as shaky as stock buttons.
Button rebounce feels way cleaner when performing dense gameplay. Definitely an upgrade in playing experience.


martin u are so beautiful thank u so much for the switches

Excellent, responsive service

Helpful with questions, delivery much faster than expected. Buttons - feel nice on fingers, make a better sound - arcade-perfect and as good as you can get.

Must have for any iidx controller

If you are like me, not satisfy with the default DAO button and want a Sanwa upgrade, you are at the right place ;)
Reasonable price and everything is carefully packed. 5 stars!!

Why you need these switches.

*-* I love the switches, you must! buy them all. awesome customer service and amazing delivery times -v- , i will but a lot more in the future, I recently installed these in my yuancon and love them so so so much! they feel so clean and fresh and looked very clean once receiving them. My accuracy improved once installing these switches and they were very easy to install, simply as clicking them in! so smooth and so nice >~< these switches will change your game! They are so satisfying to click and once using them, THERE IS NO GOING BACK! owo

Great switches

They dropped right in just as promised. Finally got some fresh switches and my con feels like AC. Very pleased. Make sure you're using 20g sanwa springs for the full ride.

100g Omron Switch V-10-1A4
Brendan OSullivan

I'm an old fashioned IIDX player that prefers playing on a 100/100 setup. I recently ordered sets of 100g springs and switches for my setup, and I'm thrilled to say not only did I receive everything as described, but the ordering process and shipping were fantastic. Highly recommend!

100g Sanwa Spring
Brendan OSullivan
Fantastic experience

I'm an old fashioned IIDX player that prefers playing on a 100/100 setup. I recently ordered sets of 100g springs and switches for my setup, and I'm thrilled to say not only did I receive everything as described, but the ordering process and shipping were fantastic. Highly recommend!

Amazing Upgrade

Bought this along with some Sanwa buttons for an upgrade and they work perfectly with my FauceTwo. With these things installed my home setup feels better than the closest arcade cabinet! Would highly recommend.

Great SDVX Buttons

Genuine Sanwa buttons, works great with my FauceTwo, my inputs are so much clearer to hear after upgrading which makes it easier to fix playing errors, nothing else to say really! Decent shipping speed, overall great purchase!

Good quality springs and nice and light

Springs suitable for SDVX controllers. Makes the button nice and light.

Perfect for a more premium feeling con

These switches are perfect if your looking to up your sdvx experience, with a more tactile feel. installation was simple, and the premade wiring is simple to install. I reccomend with 20g or 40g springs to get an amazing con setup. only thing you need to make sure of is to check the polarity of your LEDS before installing!

High quality, quick installation, immediate results!

I thought the standard stock buttons with my Faucetwo were acceptable; while they may be "playable",  they simply don't compare to Sanwas.

After a kind and informative in-person installation, it was time for me to try them out. I was taken aback. Truly a world of difference in comparison to the janky, low-quality stock buttons I used prior. No exaggeration... Sanwas change the game.